29 Years of Confidential and Professional Service in 
        North Carolina and the Caribbean Islands

as an Investigative Leader in Truth, Evidence, and Results.

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"That was my family money he was using to support his little girlfriend and HIS two children. I knew all those so-called 'mission trips' were complete bull#*@&!!" 
-Retired Senior Citizen's wife
"My attorney said you guys were the best! Thank you for getting the proof we had to have. It was like Christmas in May!"

Physician's Spouse
-Wnston-Salem, NC

"That GPS (Tracking System) is like having an "invisible P.I." in the back seat with a cell phone."

-Los Angeles, CA

A thousand thanks is not enough (arrested and in a third world jail.) I thought I'd die there! I'll never leave home again.

-College Grad Student-
Asheville, NC

"Nothing is more important to me than my kids. Thank you so much." (We found her children 1800 miles away and retrieved them from non-custodial father who illegally abducted them.)

Working Single Mother
Greensboro, NC

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Scott & Associates & Scott Investigative Group

  • Complete Confidentiality - We Report to You and No One Else

              We quietly and professionally serve our clients with absolute discretion and sensitivity. 
              After 8700 cases, we know how to get your evidence without anyone else knowing.

  • Civil or Criminal - Family or Business - Investigations and Protection

             Call us to build a case, make your defense, or provide armed protection.

  • Documented Reliable and Relevant Evidence

             20+ Years of Experienced courtroom testimony utilizing video and photographic proof.

  • Statewide, Nationwide and Worldwide Service

             Offices in NC and the Caribbean Islands.  Up-to-date passports and travel experience;  with recent investigations completed locally and in many countries throughout the Caribbean, Europe, and Central America.    See our subsidiary at:  http://www.AsiaDetectives.com/   Call for FREE Information +1-336-854-1954.

  • Worldwide Investigative Contacts and Offices in USA and the Dominican Republic             More than 800 professional, screened, locally licensed investigators in 77 different countries.

** To Date:  We've worked successfully in 80 countries.   http://www.usdetective.com/     Trust us with your needs in North Carolina, Asian Countries, the Caribbean Islands, and all of Latin America!

Investigative & Protective Teams of Experienced Investigators and Security Personnel

             Experienced Male or Female agents, armed or unarmed as needed.

  • Free Initial Consultation

             Our Clients decide if investigation is warranted or economically worthwhile, at no initial cost or
             obligation, and all the while we maintain everything they say as completely confidential.

  • Equitable fees

             Affordable rates, professionally and diplomatically established with our Clients.

  • State of the Art Equipment

             GPS tracking and recording systems; covert cameras and night vision video for evidence and a
             dramatic courtroom impression. 

Electronic Countermeasures License #67.  We have equipment for finding hidden cameras and transmitters.  We are Licensed for professional "debugging" of vehicles, telephones, and offices.  Please call us from a secure or safe phone. FREE ADVICE, CALL NOW +1-336-854-1954.

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